Exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has lambasted fellow ex cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere for allegedly launching his 2023 presidential bid with unprovoked attack on the professor.

Moyo says Kasukuwere was wrong thinking that his alleged unprovoked attack on him and Zhuwao would go unchallenged.

“Tyson and his lot wished that his UNPROVOKED attack on me & Patrick Zhuwao over our apology letter to ZanuPF members, would go unchallenged; but I responded with FACTS, that it is him who has sought forgiveness from ZanuPF bigwigs since 2017; this got me criminally threatened,” says Moyo.

He says Kasukuwere should rather train his guns towards fellow presidential aspirants.

“Tyson launched his 2023 presidential bid with an UNPROVOKED attack on me and
Patrick Zhuwao for our apology to ZANU-PF members.

“Yet: We are not 2023 presidential candidates.

“Our letter does not beg for forgiveness.

“It is him who has begged ZANU-PF BIGWIGS for forgiveness,” he says.

Kasukuwere recently announced that he is ready to lead the country should people choose him to.

Unlike Moyo and Zhuwao, Moyo said he won’t apologize to ZANU PF.