Fungayi Moyana

The whole of Bikita district was left jaws dropped to the floor when a former convicted cop murderer was dumped by his girlfriend and drank rat poison on her doorstep and died.

Blessing Mabhucha Chimbirai 37 a convicted murderer who stabbed a police officer to death in 2014 was released from prison through the presidential pardon on medical grounds committed suicide after a quarrel with his girlfriend Priscilla Chiore.

It is alleged that the incident happened at Runhare Village under Chief Marozva as Chimbirai was quarreling with his girlfriend.

Chiore indicated that she was no longer in love with Chimbirai and also that their love affair was over.

Not able to swallow this bitter pill Chimbirai took a couple of rat poison tablets from his pockets in front of his girlfriend swallowed them and collapsed to the ground after only a few minutes.

His girlfriend immediately called the ambulance but it was too late as Chimbirai died on admission at Silveira Mission Hospital.

The relationship between the two has always been reported to be rocky as the deceased was abusive towards his girlfriend and sometimes even threatened to kill her if she dumped him.