by Johnsias Mutonhori

Jaycee Radebe is set to release a new song titled ‘its ok’.

The song features Zimbabwean and South African based Afro Jazz artist Gift K.

Gift K described the song as a hit which they put extra energy to compose.

”We’re set to release a new single which I collaborated with Jaycee Radebe. We took time to come out with that song and with no doubt, it is going to be a super hit.”

The artist did not review the date when the song is going to hit the music market.

Gift K also mourned the threats posed by the corona pandemic which he claimed its taking back the music industry down.

”It’s hard for us as artists to earn enough because of the pandemic. We’re no longer holding big shows as we used to do.”

The South African government put restrictions for artist to hold shows.

South Africa also leads in the region in terms of numbers of artists who succumbed to covid.