Zanu PF Midlands minister Jason Machaya is still at Avenues hospital where he is receiving treatment following a road accident that occurred  after the front wheels of his car came off at cruising speed.

His condition is serious.


Many Zanu PF top dogs have perished in road accidents that usually occur when they are travelling alone.

The minister who hails from Gokwe came to front page news when his violent sons ganged up to kill Moses Chokuda whom they accused for supporting MDC.

Chokuda’s body was in the morgue for years as he ‘refused to be buried’.

Since the jailing of Machaya’s sons, he has since been seen by his Zanu PF bosses as a liability to the party’s image forcing him to beg for acceptance in different factions vying for post Mugabe power.

Machaya who has been linked with Mujuru, Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe factions is  considered by many to be a scheming individual playing survival faction politics in the face of expulsions.