• Muvhevhi’s mother was a member of the Masowe church

  • Muvhevhi used to visit the shrine with his mother as a young boy

  • Ex-CID cop killer was with his uncle when the shooting took place

  • His mother has not been seen since Friday

FEAR has gripped the Negombwe area under Chief Ruzane in Wedza district following the brutal killing of three people by a former Criminal Investigations Department officer in the area last Friday.

Where one would usually see people bustling around in their fields or doing other chores, there was hardly any movement when The Herald visited the area yesterday.


In fact, people in the area say there has been not much movement since Friday the 13th of January, 2023.

The few people at their homes quickly ran into their houses and ignored calls for assistance with directions, the moment they saw “strangers”.

Even children herding livestock ran into the bushes at the sight of a strange vehicle in their village.

Church shrine

Abandoned Muvhevhi homestead

This is the atmosphere surrounding the area since Jaison Muvhevhi, an ex-police officer shot and killed Chrispen Kanerusine known as Madzibaba Sirage, who was leader of the Johane Masowe yeChishanu apostolic sect.

Also killed was Munashe Musengeyi, a 20-year-old man who worked at a bar at Mukamba Business Centre and the Officer-in-Charge of Wedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove. 

Another policeman is battling for life in hospital after he was also shot.

The Herald visited Negombwe to get first-hand accounts of what transpired on the fateful day.

At Kanerusine’s homestead, a handful of mourners were gathered and most of them showed visible signs of fear as the news crew approached.



According to eye witnesses, what began as a normal day turned into a nightmare when one of their own became the villain.

“On Friday, we went to the shrine as usual at around 9am and we began praying. As Madzibaba Sirage began teaching, a man approached the shrine in his car. 

“He had loud music in the car and got out. He was accompanied by another man and as is our norm, they were welcomed and offered pieces of white cloth to cover them and everyone assumed they had come to seek spiritual help from Madzibaba. 

“But what surprised us is that he did not sit at the back as was expected of visitors, but he went to sit right in front,” said Ms Ellen Zulu, a church member.

Muvhevhi is said to have stood up after three minutes, returned to his car only to come back hiding a gun, which he then used to shoot Kanerusine on the head.

In the commotion that followed as church members realised their leader had been killed, Muvhevhi is said to have walked back to his car and drove off.

“He drove in the direction of the police camp and after a while, he came back and appeared as if he wanted to disembark. 

Zimbabwe Security forces hunt Muvhevhi…pictures

“Those of us who had come back to the shrine ran for cover again and he left. The police arrived and as we were speaking to them, Muvhevhi drove past again and shouted that he did not want to see anyone at that place, so we ran again,” said Ms Zulu.

Another gunshot was heard and later the police informed them that Muvhevhi had shot the Officer-in-Charge.

What surprised the onlookers was discovering that they actually knew the assailant.



Muvhevhi’s mother was a member of church for decades. In fact, he used to visit the shrine with his mother as a young boy. But as he grew up, he stopped going to church.

Ms Netsai Tiriboyi, another church member and niece to the slain church leader, said she had only remembered that he was in her class at St Mathias Ruswa Secondary School back in 1999, after the incident.

She said when Muvhevhi arrived at the shrine with his uncle, she had assumed that they wanted assistance despite the odd way they went in front of the church leader.

“When he stood up to go back to his car, I just assumed he was going to leave his watch in the car because the church does not allow any jewellery there. I however, noticed that when he came back, he had tied the cloth on his shoulders and he had his hands behind his back. He went back to his position but did not sit down. He instead took a step towards my uncle and pointed the gun to his head and shot him. I was startled and did not realise what had happened until I saw him falling,” she said.

Muvhevhi’s mother, who was among the church members at the shrine, is said to have collapsed when her son approached her.

But at his son’s call, she is said to have asked her son why he had killed Sirage.

“She said ‘waurairei Sirage? Sirage haana mhosva’ (Why did you kill Sirage? Sirage has not done anything wrong),” Ms Tiriboyi said.

Muvhevhi’s mother had stayed with the rest of the church members as they guarded Kanerusine’s body, but when tempers started flaring with people accusing her of knowing what her son was up to, she left and no one has seen her since Friday.

“I cannot explain how l am feeling. He was my father’s young brother so he was my father. And to see him being killed in front of my eyes is the most painful feeling. It is also painful that he left behind young children. His eldest child is 18-years-old and the younger ones are in Form 3 and Grade 5.”

After killing Kanerusine, Muvhevhi is said to have driven his Toyota Allion to Mukamba Business Centre where he allegedly shot and killed Munashe.

The Herald also visited Munashe’s homestead and spoke to his relatives and friends, who were gathered at his grandparents’ home.


Munashe was employed as a bartender at one of the bars. He started work on December 5 last year.

In tears, his grandfather, Mr Lazarus Chinengundu, said he was pained and was still failing to come to terms with the death of his grandson.



“I was not around when the incident occurred but I heard that he was with someone at the business centre when the suspect arrived and called them to his car. 

“His friend refused but Munashe went to the car. No one knows what was said at the car but those who witnessed said they only heard a loud sound and suddenly my grandson fell to the ground.

“The motive behind the killing is still unknown to me. And the suspect I heard comes not far from here. So when I arrived at the scene later, I found my grandson lying on the ground covered with a cloth. This is not easy for us. We are in pain. He was like a son to us.”

Munashe’s cousin and friend, Anesu Chinengundu, said the death was a blow to the youths, and the whole community.

“We grew up together here. We even went to school together. We were so close such that even at school, people thought we were twin brothers, yet we were just close friends.

“When I received the news of his death, I could not believe it, I thought it was just a lie or a dream and soon I will wake up. This is hard to believe. The person who killed Munashe should just be killed also because what he did is very bad, it’s painful just to know that I will never see my friend, a brother in this life again.”

The Herald proceeded to Mukamba Business Centre where some eyewitnesses are still living in fear after the horrific incident.


“I was coming from the shop where I had bought bread and I saw Munashe speaking with the man in the car. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot and I fell down. I was holding a loaf of bread and I left it there. I ran away after I gained strength,” said Ms Patricia Mzilikazi.



“At the moment we are still living in complete fear, this has never happened in this place and we are still shaken. We are pained by the way Munashe was killed. It is just brutal. After he was shot, the whole shopping centre was closed. All these shops closed down with other people running away in different directions for cover.”

Another witness Ms Angeline Makuwaza said after shooting Munashe, Muvhevhi had not run away but had driven slowly down the road.

“I heard a sound and I saw Munashe fall down. But I saw the suspect driving slowly down the road. Then in no time, I saw Munya’s employer running down screaming.

“We are all living in fear and we are unsettled. Maybe after he is caught, we can relax.”

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