Disqualified presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere says Zimbabweans are now running out of patience in as far as the country is being managed is concerned and should take it back now.

“We have to take back our country! We should make it clear to all the leaders! The people want their country back!

“This nonsense has to stop!! The nation has become a political playground and it’s not on! Take Back Our Country (TBOC),” says.

Kasukuwere says building a country that works and takes care of all her citizens is much more exciting than the manufactured chaos in the country and that this has to stop as the people are now tired.

“Surely are we serious to be spending huge amounts running these bye elections? Schools, hospitals need attention and here we are!

“Public interest has taken backstage and the country has now become a theatre of absurdity! As
@ali_naka puts it nothing works if the politics is wrong,” he adds.

Meanwhile, former police officer William Zambezi senior has offered to broker a deal between Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa and Kasukuwere to the negotiating table in order end the toxic political situation in the country.

Zambezi says having read the two’s manifestos, he is convinced they can take the country forward.

“What should be done to bring the ZIMBABWE we want Mr President is paramount.

“Your Manifesto I read it as well as President @nelsonchamisa so good, fuse that together and implement.

“Negotiable his safe passage and he rests, if you need a Mediator, I’m here,” he says.