Chigumba knows that her  relationship with Winston Chitando is a fact. Her silence in the face of a screaming scandal is a testament to this..Edmund Kudzayi


HARARE: Controversial Zimbabwe Electoral Commision(ZEC) boss Ms Priscilla Chigumba is in a relationship with Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando of the ruling ZANU PF, a former State Media editor has revealed.

Former government employee and Herald editor, Mr Edmund Kudzayi, revealed the relationship through a blog post today, Friday morning.

Said Kudzayi:

“So,ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has a s_exual relationship with Zanu PF cabinet minister Winston Chitando. This presents a clear conflict of interest: if Zanu PF loses the election her lover will lose his job. She must do the right thing and resign. Ndatenda.”

“I don’t intend to humiliate Chigumba or to invade her privacy tabloid style. All I seek is to expose a clear conflict of interest that likely explains Chigumba’s arrogance against overwhelming evidence of ZEC’s mismanagement of the election. She is conflicted & must resign,” he added.

Kudzayi is fully aware of the full legal implications of his expose.

“These allegations expose me to the real possibility of prolonged and expensive legal action. Chigumba and Chitando have the money and influence. I have the truth, which they know. My work has been thorough and I am able and ready to defend it in a court of law, any time.

“Chigumba is a judge of the High Court and she knows the implications of perjuring herself. If she denies and I prove, she is finished. Chigumba knows that her relationship with Chitando is a fact. Her silence in the face of a screaming scandal is a testament to this,” he wrote.

Chitando did not respond to confirm or deny the allegations.