Harare based social media  celebrity Lorraine Guyo aka Ndinyengeiwo girl, is pregnant according to the rumour mill after her recent images went viral.

It is not yet confirmed whether the comedienne is pregnant or not.

Some speculate she is rehearsing a scene on set while others say she is really pregnant.

Guyo, who rose to prominence with the Ndinyengeiwo skit, has not posted anything on her social media pages to confirm whether it is true or not.

In the pictures, she appears with one of the Zimcelebs admins and Enock Chisale. Chisale refused to comment, saying Lorraine was the one who could give the correct answers.

Guyo said she would not comment on her pictures.

Lorraine hit news headlines last year following a not so good break up with her manager whom she reportedly accussed of deflowering her before dumping her in the cold.