Insiza gold barons are now resorting to deadly violence in a bid to control mining in the area.

One man died yesterday when a gang of panners led by Qhalisani Moyo popularly known as ‘Friday,’ went on a mission to violently take control of Monsantesi mine at Heyhill Farm in Insiza.

Reports of gold barons hiring panners to terrorise and violently take over rich mining areas have become the norm in Umzingwane and Insiza

The outcome of the violent take over on Monday was the death of the ringleader himself, Moyo.

Community leaders who witnessed the deadly clash allege that the group led by the deceased belong to a prominent Esigodini gold baron.

The community has pleaded with police to deal with conflicts over control of gold deposits.

The late Moyo was due to appear in tomorrow, Wednesday, over his involvement in violent miner takeovers in Insiza.