Kumbirai Musariri, a Harare bully who almost killed his victim, Robina Makumbe, over a $6 debt, will for the second time, appear  before courts after the magistrate who presided over his case had a change of heart.

This came as a result of pressure from concerned citizens who were left shell shocked not only by the senseless violence but by the court outcome as well.

Those who were expecting a custodial sentence were stunned to hear that the monster escaped unscratched from the clutches of law.

The bully who left his victim almost dead was not slapped but tapped on the face with a paltry fine of USD $50.

After getting a chance to view the attack video posted online, the magistrate who presided over the matter concluded that the $50 fine was a mistrial.

If the courts could have seen the video evidence before trial, a stiffer penalty could have been imposed.

Musariri’s case will come back to court at a later date to be announced.

Following his cowardly act, Musariri has been branded as a small man with a big ego.

Those who know him say he is a difficult man and a bad mannered neighbour who thinks he is right all the time.