Vivica Nobhenkimpilo Mbovora… The controversy ridden  Zimbabwean woman studying at NUST University has over the past years attracted a lot of attention from several sections of our society and even beyond the country’s borders because of her too revealing clothing.

In some images she appears completely naked, in her birthday suit.

A lot of men who secretly send her private invites have found themselves in the deep end when their names and messages were revealed for all to see(see below). After exposing them, she wrote “Look how I am sexually harassed  because I wear revealing clothes so men think I am slut who needs money,  when will the world stop controlling women bodies.”

Vivica who is 21 years old touched a storm by posting images where she was scantily dressed in a group called ‘Fashion Police Zimbabwe’, attracting massive criticism from most social media users who deemed her dress code ‘immoral’.

Though privately people are begging for her attention, her images which are accompanied with ‘naughty’ captions have received a lot of criticism.

“Does this kid have parents, the rate at which she is posting semi-nude pictures is alarming and shows that she lacks guidance,” posted one user.

Images: Zim Morning Post

Vivica has a documented history of lewd dressing, which gained her fame during her studies at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), in Bulawayo.

She attended lectures in a risqué outfit that sent tongues wagging in the City of Kings.

She revealed that she was a feminist, determined to stand for all women who are deprived of their rights and she was determined to achieve her dream through modelling.

“Men shouldn’t be affected by how we dress, if it was a man half-naked, it wouldn’t be an issue but just because I am a woman, it becomes an issue, it’s high time the society stops treating women as possessions,” she added.

Look how I am sexually harassed  because I wear revealing clothes so men think I am slut who needs money, 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 when will the world stop controlling women bodies.

Below are screenshots of love proposal messages published by Vivica Mbovora