MT Pleasant legislator  Jason Passade says he will not lose sleep over the candidature of Advocate Fadzayi Mahere who has vowed to win the Mt Pleasant National Assembly seat next year.

Adv Mahere, an independent candidate and social media enthusiast , has since released an election manifesto which she dubbed, “The Mt Pleasant Yellow Manifesto”.

A dismissive Passade yesterday said politics was not a Facebook or Twitter game.

Politics, he said, was about meeting people and coming up with sound policies that change the lives of the electorate.

“I am not moved even an inch by her empty threats,” said  Passade.

“We have done several projects in Mt Pleasant not for the purposes of elections, but because we are a people-oriented party. Why should we waste our time and energy focusing on little individuals who by any stretch of imagination have no capacity to lodge any challenge to Zanu-PF?

“What is it that she wants to do for the people of Mt Pleasant that we have not done? We work with the community to patch potholes and the council to fix street lights.

 “We have also initiated several youth empowerment programmes for our youths who sell flowers among other projects. In any case, as Zanu-PF we have structures that are intact at every level and I think it will be an insult to compare our strengths as a party with that of a political layman.”

Cde Passade said Adv Mahere was a forlorn figure in Mt Pleasant, but he could not stop her from trying her luck.

“Even at the University of Zimbabwe where she is a lecturer, we command great support through student unions such as the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions. Zicosu is our affiliate as Zanu-PF.

“But remember Zimbabwe is a free country. Who am I to stop an ant from attempting to fight an elephant?”

Cde Passade said as Zanu-PF they were already strengthening party structures ahead of the elections.

He said Zanu-PF was doing everything within its capacity to deliver what it promised the people in 2013.

“We are a people’s party and we are working to deliver what we promised,” he said.

“We are also happy that the Command Agriculture initiative started by the Government has managed to ensure food security in the country. Our focus now is on economic recovery, building on the success of the agricultural sector.” state madia