A ROW over shoes, between a landlady and a tenant, has ended up in court with Jah Prayzah’s name being dragged into the dispute.

The landlady was accused by her tenant of being someone who keeps boasting in the community that she was the wife of the music superstar.

It led magistrate Nyasha Marufu to ask the landlady, Julie Nyabodzi, whether she had dated Jah Prayzah before, as was being claimed in court.

“Have you ever dated Jah Prayzah?” the magistrate asked at Harare Civil Court.

Julie responded:

“We once dated, I’m his ex-girlfriend.”

Julie dragged her tenant, Tatenda Masenda, to the Civil Court accusing him of disobeying her rules.

She said Tatenda was in the habit of not removing his sandals and shoes whenever he steps into the house.

Juli said Tatenda has also been assaulting her.

Tatenda said his landlady was fabricating her story.

“She is fabricating stories. I never assaulted or insulted her, but she is the one who accused me of bewitching her, to stop her from getting married,” he said.

“Everyone knows her in the community because she calls herself Jah Prayzah’s wife.”

The magistrate dismissed her application due to lack of merit.

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