President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is better off since independence as compared to how the country was under Ian Smith.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Rtd Major General Sydney Bhebhe at the National Heroes Acre this afternoon, Mnangagwa said it is disheartening that some Zimbabweans are saying the country was better under Smith.

“Its disheartening to see some young people giving false narratives that Ian Smith’s time was better. They are foolish young people. Elders should explain to the youth the history of the time during Smith,” he said.

Below are some of key points from his address:

Africans are turned into puppets for their own benefit. This will never happen. Such domination under whatever guide will never be accepted in Zimbabwe under the Revolutionary party.

Lest we forget total freedom, the unity we are enjoying will never be sacrifised for political expediency.

The racist Rhodesian white regime acts where unbearable. It took strong cadres like Bhebe that brought our independence and freedom. Who remain have a responsibility to guard and defend Zimbabwe.

Not only the departed heroes and heroines but for the future generations as well.

Mnangagwa challenged scholars to properly re-write the country’s history, for the benefit of future generations.

“Its imperative for scholars and academic to prioritise recording and publishing the life experiences of this crop of freedom fighters to enrich our written liberation war heritage for future generations,” he said.

He said the history of the country cannot be left to the authorship of those whose seek to belittle its struggle and achievements.

Some of his main points:

“Its regretable that Zimbabwe continues to attract unwarranted interest from former colonisers and proxies mistakenly think that we are provinces of their countries.

Their lobbyists under various guises preach democracy and good governance by day whilst sponsoring and instigating nefarious activities violence and instability in our country by night.

This is part of their long held, brute strategies to reverse the gains we have made in consumating our independence, sovereignty, economic empowerment and total freedom of our people embodied in our country’s development philosophy. Nyika inovakwa inotongwa nevene vayo.

The falsehoods being peddled by opposition political parties to whip their supporters into orgies hate and violence is now worrisome and my admin will not stand by and watch doing nothing.

Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and this is alien to our society. The law will take action and it’s action will be without feat or favour. No one is above the law. I call upon our communities throughout to be vigilant against these destabilising and hateful political parties.

Keep eyes and ears wide open.
Dont allow outsiders from your communities to come and disturb peace in your areas. Violence has no place in the Zimbabwe we are building. We want peace, harmony and love.

As a pple let us shun all forms of self hate and peddling of falsehoods and misinformation. Together lets entrench values of honesty, love patriotism and hard honest work as we continue on the journey of prosperity for all.

What happened in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza is deplorable and should not be repeated. The nation is now familiar with these shenanigans and incidences of staged violence which are designed to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe ahead of major international meetings.

This is being done ahead of CHOGM meeting to be held in Rwanda. We will not stand by and watch the good image of our nation as well as safety and security of our people being desicreted by rogue pseudo who receive dirty money to torment their own African kith and keen.

I call upon the nation to refuse to be used by self seeking charlatans masqueradinh as politicians. Rambai kushandiswa kuita violence.
Parents and guardians please guide our youth accordinlgy. violence does not pay.

As we heard towards the 2023 harmonised general elections let’s entrench democracy good governance and constitutionalism prevailing in our country and never abuse it.

Our political contestations must never degenerate into violence, No! Let us honour the departed heroes and heroines who selflessly fought for our beloved country by maintaing peace, unity, love and harmony. You end up in chikurubi.