Zanu PF members in Manicaland have been urged to ignore petty fights that are emerging during the selection of candidates for District Coordinating Committees (DCCs), but focus on developmental issues that will drive Vision 2030.

Speaking at a Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting held in Mutare yesterday, Zanu PF national Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda said cadres should not lose focus.

“The agenda of Vision 2030 is bigger than some of these petty fights we focus on,” he said.

“If we want to push Vision 2030, let us move away from these issues and push to have people who will be constructive once they are in the DCCs. After all, we are all Zanu PF so we should have a shared vision. We want to focus on production and everyone should play their part.”

Manicaland PCC was sitting as the provincial elections directorate to review the candidate qualification appeals process.

The meeting largely upheld the results of the vetting process, which saw 489 candidates being approved to contest in the DCCs, while 21 were disqualified.

Nevertheless, there was heated debate with regards the disqualification of Cde Simon Mapfumo, who was a contender for the Chipinge chairmanship position and Cde Siphumuzile Manonose Chamisa who was gunning for the post of Secretary for Women’s Affairs in Mutare District and a few others.

The two were accused of being members of the G40 and being divisive within the party.

Some party members felt the cadres have the backing of the masses to help the party romp to victory in future elections.

Cde Matemadanda said the victory of the party should not be hinged on one individual’s backing, but on their ability to respect the constitution, the party manifesto as well as work with the party’s Presidential candidate for 2023.

“We want Zanu PF to grow and we should be looking at the bigger picture and not focus on things that will divide us. We should not have a case where someone pushes their own agenda,” he said.

“We want a DCC that will work with the party and that person will not be chosen by the leadership, they will be chosen by the people.”

Cde Matemadanda said the Commissariat had noted the issues raised by Chipinge district relating to parallel structures that should be addressed before the elections.

He also said the process of electing DCCs should be quickly concluded so that focus could be directed towards elections for the ruling party to deliver on the set targets.

Zanu PF Secretary for Finance Cde Patrick Chinamasa stressed the importance of having candidates who would work well with party structures and push the development agenda.

-The Herald