Mandi Chimene a Manicaland Provincial Minister has come out guns blazing accusing Team Lacoste of trying to push President Robert Mugabe out of Zanu PF and government.

She warned a rival party faction which has been widely reported to be the power behind Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to consider that its leadership and top personnel has been in government for the same time as President Mugabe.

“It’s shocking to hear some people saying that Mugabe has overstayed in office and must resign soon. Some of the people saying that have been in government since 1980,” Minister Chimene told a youth meeting in Mutare city this Sunday.

“These same people have been in government for too long as well and they must be fired from office,” she said.

While his name has been splashed in papers and newsrooms for fronting a powerful Zanu PF faction, VP Mnangagwa has never been seen or heard saying anything about party factionalism.

Those believed to be his allies have however been through a lot as a rival G40 faction has forced a number of them out of government and rulling Zanu PF party.

Chimene is believed to be a member of G40 faction.