Former military intelligence officer Cde Never Maswerasei has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson of masterminding the hacking of Ibbo Mandaza’s Robert Mugabe lecture by suspected Central Intelligence Operatives.

The lecture was carried out during the late former President Robert Mugabe’s national youth day, and it was being conducted on the Zoom platform and it was allegedly hacked.

Maswerasei using his X handle, Windhoek Cables Network blamed it on CIO and Charamba.

“Mugabe lecture hacked| Mnangagwa’s expectation was that by now, no Zimbabwean of note would still be talking about the legacy of Robert Mugabe.

Today Doctor @ibbosnr’s zoom meeting was hacked by CIO4ED who splashed porn on the site. Dambudzo is still fighting a dead man,” he said.

He also accused Charamba:

“Given his penchant for pornography and hatred for Ibbo Mandaza, it will not be surprising that George Charamba is the one who came up with this obnoxious idea.

“Paita batai batai vanhu vakuoneswa lula lula. What a shame from men that have failed to turn the economy.”