A total of 129 ex-convicts are amongst the over 500 deportees who passed through the Beitbridge Border Post Saturday afternoon, a senior government official has said.
Zimbabwe Government spokesperson Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana made the revelations on Twitter and said the deportees were transported by 11 buses and arrived in the border town of Beitbridge at around 1500hrs.

Ndavaningi Mangwana

“11 buses with 527 deportees have arrived in Beitbridge at around 1500 hours. 129 are ex- convicts.Mash East has 2 people, Mash Central 4, Mash West 5, Bulawayo 101, Masvingo 100, Midlands 41, Manicaland 69, Mat North 54 and Mat South 64 and Harare 87. 7 of the 527 are females,” Mangwana said.
The deportees come at a time when most regional countries have put in place strict lockdown measures in the pursuit of mitigating the spread of the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic.