Former Bindura Municipality, Town Clerk Shangwa Mavesera who has reached the age of retirement (60) is refusing to retire and is demanding to be reinstated on the basis that he is still in good health and performance.

In a letter addressed to Bindura Mayor, Councillor Carlos Tokyo by Matsikidze Attorneys said Mavesera wants to complete the water reticulation project.

He added that it is clear the council was happy with his performance, hence there was no need to turn down his request for an extension of his contract of employment by one year.

“On September, 2020 we note a special full council meeting was convened and the issue of our client’s condition of service and termination was discussed,” read the letter.

“Under clause 5 of the minutes the conditions of service of the town clerk were adopted. Provisions are that a town clerk retires at the age of 60. Secondly, if he/she wishes may apply for an early retirement at the age of 55.

“Thirdly, if the employee wishes may apply to the council for extension of retirement age up to 65 on condition of good health and performance.”

The letter stated that Mavesere applied for an extension of one year to complete a water reticulation project and he was turned down.

Mavesere retired on September 27 and Kelton Chinowaita was appointed as the acting town clerk. -Herald