An actress has dismissed an audio clip posted on twitter by Former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo of First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa ranting about alleged spying on her by the army and a “loading coup” against her husband, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a twitter video posted by veteran journalist Nicole Hondo, the actress claims that she is the one who did the voice recording said to be from the first lady, the recording was directed by Edmund Kudzai aka Baba Jukwa.

See twitter video below

As evidence of the conspiracy, Edmund Kudzai on 26 January tweeted that he wanted voice impressionists for his drama. see Kudzai’s Tweet:

The actress claims that Jonathan Moyo helped her link with Kudzai who asked her to voice impersonate the first lady.

She also claims that she was never paid for the project and her life is now in danger

Responding to the allegations, Edmund Kudzai said if he was the one who created the audio then he deserved a job in Hollywood, he tweeted: