Image: Zimlive

Graft accused deputy minister Tino Machakaire has dismissed reports that he has just acquired a new Rolls Royce saying the said car is not his.

Machakaire says he already owns an identical Rolls Royce with similar car covers which he bought 2 years ago and therefore has no reason to buy another.

He was responding to reports that he has just bought the vehicle worth more than US$700 000.

“I can afford the said Rolls Royce, but it’s not mine…..there is no need to buy a new one as I have a similar one I bought 2 years ago,” said Machakaire.

Meanwhile, when the story broke out, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Nick Mangwana defended Machakaire saying he has a similar vehicle and had no reason to buy another.

Read Machakaire’s full statement below: