MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has assured millions of his followers that he is still in charge of the main opposition political party in Zimbabwe, and dismissed MDC-T leaders Thokozani Khupe, Morgen Komichi and Douglas Mwonzora as Zanu PF  operatives whose purpose was to create chaos and glorify Mnangagwa leadership.

Chamisa addressed the masses via a virtual rally from Harare on Sunday.

Some part of his statement read:

“Understand this thing, MDC Alliance is a separate political party from the MDC-T, you can go to court and go visit sangomas, then go to the dead, try and speak to the late president Tsvangirai, that will not change that the MDC Alliance is a party left by Tsvangirai when he made a decision to move from MDC-T to unite the party and go back to the 2000 status. Don’t come pretending as if you want to build the legacy of Tsvangirai when you are actually destroying it,”

“Tsvangirai left me in charge, and I am in control, there is nothing you are going to do to change it, you can try by all means, but you won’t succeed. All that is happening — that Mwonzora is running around claiming that he is the secretary-general — is child’s play. You can’t continue being the SG when your term of office expired in October 2019 without going back to the membership,” he said.

“If you are a political leader, when you go and seek an enemy so that you fight your family, that’s your end. Never go to the enemy to fight your family, once the enemy finishes with your family it will come after you,” he said.

“Some are afraid that we will lose the name MDC Alliance, the name has no significance, what is important is your agenda as Zimbabweans, and that is what we are going to be delivering, we have a strategy.

“We are already facing the future, we are already building livelihoods, we are gathering people and strengthening the party. Don’t be shaken, be comfortable the ship is under control. Thank God I am the captain. Thank God I am in good shape, thank God I am seeing clearly and the vision is very clear of where we are going,” he said.

“Zimbabwe needs a God-fearing leader, a leader who respects the people and not one filled with self-pride. It needs a father, not a thief, a father who knows that when you err you correct your mistakes. Zanu PF cannot divide us, they cannot destroy us. We are one and united, that is why you see they are giving up on fighting us, some think the party is falling apart, but nobody fights nothing.

“Nobody will try and kill a dead party. If you see the fights they bring to us, it’s because they know we are a strong party and the only real threat and the alternative government. We don’t have problems with them,” he said.