“The arrest of 18 nurses and hospital staff from Harare Hospital now , is heinous and totally unacceptable. Criminalising industrial disputes is an unfair labor practice,” said Biti. 

“Nurses are raising genuine issues .Public service conditions of service are pathetic and incomes are below the #PDL.” 

Biti said Zimbabwe is facing an unprecedented governance crisis. 

“We face a State on auto cruise to self destruction. One in which decision making is haphazard, adhocratic and speculative. One in which policy making is subordinate to vested interests and a pervasive  regime survival agenda. A predatory State,” said Biti.

“Governance is about consensus. It is about creating dialogue in that ‘narrow corridor’ where the citizen can hold the State to account , whilst the citizen executes its reciprocal obligation to the State .In the pursuit of this balance ,the Zimbabwean State has failed.”