The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is generating the highest energy in September.

According to latest statistics, Hwange Station Electricity generation is at 975MW, Kariba Station-706MW giving a total of 1 681MW. Hwange Output Breakdown old units: 375MW, Unit 7 and 8: 600MW.

Kariba has a 1050MW generation capacity, and ZPC is generating below full capacity due to limited water allocated for power generation.

The country’s peak demand is above 1900MW.

Zimbabwe and Zambia share Kariba dam for power generation.

The Kariba Dam is now owned and operated by the Zambezi River Authority, which is jointly and equally owned by Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Apparently, since Zambia’s independence, three dams have been built on the Kafue River: the Kafue Gorge Upper Dam, Kafue Gorge Lower Dam and the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam.