Newly elected MDC MP for Zengeza West, Job Wiwa Sikhala, has been caught up in embarrassing controversy after a 28-year-old father of 2 revealed that the outspoken opposition Member of Parliament is having secret liaisons with his wife(24) and the two have been quenching their appetites at a local hotel during campaigns.
Sikhala however, denied the claims.
“I don’t know anything about that. If there is anything relating to that (alleged love affair) make it known. I don’t know about it,” said Sikhala when contacted for comment.

Wiwa, as he is known in political circles, allegedly quenched his s___l appetite with Lydia Nyamidzi during 2018 harmonised election campaigns.

 The woman in question is married to Obey Bangizai, 28.
Sikhala said he did not know the woman although there are messages where a person with a mobile number known to have belonged to Sikhala acknowledges knowing the woman.
In some of the messages , the person knows that Lydia was married when they refer to her husband Bangizai as of low standing in society.
Asked by a journalist to comment on her request for ‘maiguru’s things’ from Sikhala, she said: “It is none of your business.
 “I will deal with you.”
Bangisai and Lydia stays in Zengeza 2 which falls under Zengeza West Constituency where Sikhala was campaigning for the House of Assembly seat.
When the allegations surfaced, Lydia left her matrimonial home and went to the rural areas together with the couple’s two children.
Bangizai said his wife Nyamidzi had been having a secret phone at home where she would connect with Job and meet at Mubaiwa Hotel (formerly Hotel Nyamutamba) in Chitungwiza’s Zengeza 2 suburb.
He said when he got wind of what was happening, Lydia confessed to have had been in love with Sikhala where they indulged in s-_x several times at Mubaiwa Hotel and at a lodge in town while Bangizai and Nyamidzi’s children were in Sikhala’s car.
“I took Job as a leader but he has ruined my marriage,” said Bangizai.
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