In a case of human wildlife conflict, elephants recently raided Gatshe Gatshe Fishing Camp in Kariba leaving a trail of destruction.

It was a dangerous scene, as the animals destroyed homes, while food was eaten and laid to waste, fortunate enough, the affected families managed to escape from the marauding elephants unhurt.

Apparently, this is not the only human/ wildlife conflict incident in the country, as it is prevalent in different areas countrywide, particularly near game parks.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services confirmed the incident, he wrote on his microblog, Twitter handle:

“On the 30th of November, elephants raided Gatshe Gatshe Fishing Camp leaving a trail of destruction. Homes were destroyed, food was eaten and laid to waste.

“Affected families managed to escape. This is not the only human/wildlife conflict incident in the area.”

However, in Zimbabwe, human wildlife conflict which is defined as any human and wildlife interaction which negatively impacts human being’s social, economic or cultural life is a common feature.

Human-wildlife conflicts have been spreading all over the country, particularly in areas with huge populations of wild animals such as Manicaland, Matabeleland North and South as well as Masvingo provinces.

A number of people have been killed by wild animals, and the fatalities are mostly recorded as victims of dangerous animals as classified by the Parks and Wildlife Act.

These dangerous animals include elephants, buffaloes, lions, hippos, rhinos, leopards and crocodiles, these account for a number of casualties countrywide.