Shakespeare Muzavazi

In an incident that left Zaloba villagers tongue tied, a local man is reported to have divorced his wife after she was raped.

Claudius Moyo of Zaloba plot number 14 headwaters B under Chief Chiundura is arranging to separate with his wife Nomagugu Lunga of the same address, the reason being that she was raped in an attempt to save their daughter.

It is reported that Lunga was going to church on that fateful Sunday when misfortune struck her while on the way to next village called Bryhead.

She lamented that the rapist threatened to rape her 5 year old daughter who was accompanying her to church if she refused to sleep with him.

Fearing destroying her young daughter’s life, the mother sacrificed to sleep with the unknown rapist who was threatening them with a knife in his hand.

After the incident she then ran home to report to her husband what had transpired on their way to church but unfortunately the husband could not believe it.

According to a reliable source, Moyo decided to go for spiritual help at the apostolic church of Johanne Masowe where he was told that the rapist was his colleague who was jealous of their marriage.

However, Moyo could not swallow that his wife was raped instead he was suspecting that the two were having an affair.

He then reported the case to the headman, Mr Mtetwa who said that the matter is too personal they should deal with it on a family level since the rapist is unknown.