Barbara Mutedzi

My life purpose, is to help people realize, harness and act on the power and strength they have within them to live and achieve the life they want to lead.

I was on radio some time ago, talking about how we can literally harness our minds and brains for higher performance in all areas of our lives. As I was reflecting on how I got there, it reminded me of 2 things that I would like share with you.

(1) When we want to coach, mentor, train, raise others, lead, manage others – whatever role you may have within the home as a parent, a leader, a manager, a director, an older brother, sister, cousin, an uncle, aunt, grandparent – whatever it is – the best way to lead is to lead through compassion.

(2) Compassion allows one to walk alongside the person you are leading and understand where they are at in their lives and then lead them from there.

It’s pointless for us as leaders to be sitting on top of Mt Everest (a term to describe our years of experience or knowledge) and then look down and try to pull others who may be at the bottom of the mountain.

YES – IT’S GOOD FOR US TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE, but if we are all the way up the mountain – there is no way that our hands and minds would be able to reach down to those at the bottom.

Once we have achieved being at the top, we need to come down ever so often, so we can understand where those we are leading are, then show them how they can get to the top of their own Everest by sharing the lessons we learnt on the way.

The way we show them how, is by taking them step by step though the process, by holding their hand or showing them where to place their feet and hands. We have achieved our own Everest, now it’s their turn. This is part of transformational and conscious leadership.

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Have a lovely day!!
With kind regards, grace and gratitude

*Barbara Mutedzi is a life coach