Franck Ribéry is one of the most star midfielders of his generation. He is known for his performances with Bayern Munich. By the way, it is easy to watch on the sports statistics website all the livescore of matches with its participation.

The Frenchman moved to Munich in 2007. There he immediately became one of the most important players for Bayern. Moreover, Franck demonstrated an excellent soccer regardless of the team’s play, thanks to which all the fans fell in love with him. In the 2011/2012 season, Munich failed to win the league title, losing to Borussia. However, the Frenchman can take credit for that campaign. During it, he managed to provide 12 assists for his team-mates, thanks to which he was named Bundesliga Top Assistant.

Ribéry was the true leader of the Munich club’s attacks in that campaign. It was through him that the entire offensive game was built. That’s why Franck regularly both shot himself and created chances for his partners.

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Thanks to what the Frenchman was ahead of its competitors?

Ribéry’s victory in the assistants’ race can hardly be called a surprise. In those years the Frenchman was almost the main star of the German championship and the recognized leader of Bayern. By the way, the Bundesliga fixtures of matches involving this team can be easily to find on the sports statistics website.

Returning to the achievement of Ribéry, it is important to mention that it was made possible thanks to:

  1. The Frenchman’s good chemistry with his other attacking partners. He regularly created chances for Gomez, Robben, Kroos and other players. They converted Franck’s passes into accurate shots.
  2. Excellent technique and ability to pull the ball through. Thanks to this, Ribéry regularly found himself in dangerous positions. If he did not shoot himself, he shared the ball with his partners. This allowed Bayern to score many goals.
  3. A subtle understanding of the game. Sometimes it was enough for a player to make just one good move to develop an attack and put his partners in an optimal position.

Yes, despite Ribéry’s individually successful season, Bayern did not win the title. However, that was the last season for Franck when he did not win the Silver Salad bowl with the Munich. During the following years, Bayern dominated the domestic scene.

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