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How clever hubby used car tracker to catch cop wife pants down with police boss

Zimbabwe Republic Police Boss Sacked After Bonking Married Jnr Cop

A high-ranking member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been relieved of his duties following revelations of an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate officer, as reported by H-Metro.

Chief Superintendent Reason Ncube was dismissed from his role as Officer Commanding Norton District after his extramarital involvement with Constable Ethel Kusangaya came to light.

The affair was brought to attention after Ethel’s spouse, Stalin Muvengwa, installed a tracking device on their family vehicle.

Allegedly, Ethel, dressed in her police uniform, drove the vehicle to Norton under the pretense of going elsewhere, without informing her husband of her true destination.

Chief Supt Ncube instructed Ethel to park her vehicle, and the two officers embarked on a romantic drive in his car, oblivious to Muvengwa trailing them.

Upon realizing they were being followed, Chief Supt Ncube arranged for Ethel’s vehicle to be towed to a car park in Kuwadzana Extension. However, their efforts to evade detection were in vain as Muvengwa confronted them.

According to H-Metro sources, Ethel implored her husband not to resort to violence while in uniform, while Chief Supt Ncube pleaded for forgiveness.

Expressing his outrage, Muvengwa criticized Chief Supt Ncube, accusing him of exploiting his position for personal gain and causing irreparable damage to his family.

He questioned whether Ncube’s promotion was merely a means to exploit junior officers.

Muvengwa highlighted the emotional and social toll the affair has taken on his family, necessitating counseling to mend relationships and restore trust.

Constable Kusangaya is currently stationed at Warren Park Police Station.

Neither Ncube nor Ethel has provided comments on the situation.


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