What should be a sanctuary for Nyarai Chadoko has become a relentless nightmare filled with chilling supernatural occurrences. In her city house in Bloomingdale, strange phenomena like ghostly cars appearing on her property, mysterious disappearances of money and food, vandalism of windows and walls, and even haunting lights from unseen vehicles have become daily rituals.

Chadoko, aged 60, is at a loss to explain the powerful supernatural forces at play. She recalls seeking help from the late sangoma Sekuru Ndunge, only for his untimely demise to leave her without resolution.

The terror began around 2013, shortly after her return from her rural home. Chadoko describes a litany of unsettling events, including the appearance of ghostly cars that flash their lights before vanishing, markings and oil-like fluids appearing on walls, and blankets and carpets inexplicably torn apart.

Despite her efforts to seek assistance, including consulting with Sekuru Ndunge, the disturbances persist unabated. Doors fall off their hinges, money disappears, and even attempts to reconnect with her spiritual roots through the use of traditional tools like cooking sticks and salt provide little relief.

In desperation, Chadoko has disconnected her power supply, fearing the presence of imposters posing as electricians. Hmetro reports that she lives in isolation, estranged from her children to shield them from the malevolent forces that haunt her home.

Neighbors remain reticent, with one anonymous neighbor acknowledging Chadoko’s solitary existence but offering no insight into the strange occurrences plaguing her household.

As Chadoko grapples with her solitary struggle against the supernatural, her once vibrant home has transformed into a house of horror, shrouded in mystery and fear.