Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s lawyer Doug Coltart has been summoned to police in a case concerning one of his clients.

Information filtering through is that Coltart was asked to come to Harare Central Police by a team of detectives around midday yesterday.

However, at that time he was in court representing Chin’ono.

The detectives said that they only needed him for 15 minutes to clarify certain facts in a commercial deal involving his client.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that Doug’s role in all this was as a lawyer who was representing a client who supposedly did a business deal with the person who now plots Coltart’s arrest.

Apparently, Coltart is on his way back to the police station as agreed last night so that they can go to the magistrates court.

However, Coltart’s boss who is also a lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa says it is an abuse of the police service when connected people can get lawyers arrested because they can.