Images: Hopewell Chin’ono on Twitter| eNCA Presenter Nkepile Mabuse got to hang out with prominent Zimbabwean journalist and former colleague Hopewell Chin’ono.

Nkepile Mabuse took out the prominent Zimbabwean journalist for lunch during his brief stop in South Africa on his way to the United States.

The award winning Chin’ono who is famed for exposing government secrets and scandals took to his official Twitter account and shared that Mabuse had taken him to lunch.

He also went down memory lane revealing how their friendship developed over the years. Chin’ono said he started off as Mabuse’s producer at CNN in 2008.

Hopewell Chin’ono added that they were involved in a car accident in Johannesburg in 2008. During lunch, the two friends caught up and Chin’ono shared that he had won an award for his work as an anti-corruption activist.

Apart from taking him out for lunch, Nkepile Mabuse also gave Hopewell some books to read.

In a series of tweets, Chin’ono wrote:

1. I produced @NkepileMabuse at @CNN in 2008. I have never seen a hardworking news-woman like her. Today she came to pick me up for lunch as I await for my evening flight to America. She is the Queen of eNCA’s Anti-Corruption current affairs show, @Checkpoint_eNCA. Great friend!

2. Our friendship goes back a long way. She was there when I won my first African Journalist of the year award in Accra, Ghana. We almost died in a car accident in Johannesburg in 2008. We survived to tell the stories. In life, there are those ride-or-die friends, she is one.

3. So today I was telling her about my Qatar award-winning escaped. We talked about corruption in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and she gave me these books to read on the plane and beyond. It is wonderful to have friends that nourish your appetite to learn and be better in life.

Image Credit: Hopewell Chin’ono on Twitter