By Shakespeare Muzavazi
School pupils in Mapfungautsi area, Gokwe, recently got the shock of their lives after they saw the bod of a 26 year old man hanging  from a tree while on their way to school.

Itai Chakanyuka (26) of Mapfungautsi area hung himself after his wife allegedly left him on the death bed due to the chronic disease, HIV.
Impeccable sources revealed that Chakanyuka and his wife were having marital problems and would argue on almost a daily bases.
“The wife would from time to time tell us (neighbors) that her husband was ill but he refused to take medication. We suspect this was the reason for her leaving her hubby,” said a source.
The source added that after being left by the wife, Chakanyuka changed his behavior and started seeking solace under a beer mug.
“The pressure of being sick and being left by wife might have forced him to become suicidal. At bars he could share with anyone his problems especially when he gets drunk,” added the source.

Mrs Mangena, a relative to the now deceased said the death of her brother came as a shock to their family.
She described her brother as a moral individual who was kind and God fearing.

“I really do not know what got into him. This is pure art of the devil and his agents (witchcrafts). But the Lord has given and the Lord has taken,” said the sobbing sister.

Meanwhile police have confirmed the death of Chakanyuka.
“We can confirm the death of a 26 year old male adult who was found hanging on a tree by school children. So far we do not suspect any foul play but will wait for postmortem results,” said the police.

Police urge members of the public to resolve disputes peacefully and to seek help from other people on how to handle problems.