By William Milasi
A traffic cop based at Kwekwe Central police station has landed in serious trouble after he solicited a $10 bribe to cover up for an accident which occurred on 12 June this year at a 210km peg along the Harare- Bulawayo highway.

It is the state case that Newrance Chikwande (40) who is out on a free bail and is set to appear back in court on 18 July was tasked to investigate the accident which involved Vincent Hlangiso.

In a classic case of dereliction of duty Chikwande then covered up the case.

On the 20th of June Chikwande proceeded to Hlangiso’s place with the intention of soliciting for a bribe in the role he played to cover up the matter.

The member of the uniformed force, however failed to locate him and instead met Dube an uncle to Hlangiso.

Upon inquiry the police officer was told that Hlangiso was not around and he then demanded $20 from Dube so that he could replace the money he used to cover up the case.

The state also said that the cop even went on to threaten Dube of unspecified action if he failed to avail the money.

On the 25th of the same month Chikwande went again to Dube’s place on a follow up of his demands.

Realising that Dube still had no cash the cop went on to confiscate   two wooden stools valued at $10 and promised to return the next day to collect the remaining balance.

A trap was then set after Dube had notified police on the matter leading to the arrest of Chikwande by two detectives Inspector Dale and Inspector Mafukidze who witnessed the handing over of the money by the complainant to the accused.