Zimbabwean Hip Hop Artist Tinashe Gonzara popularly known as Ti Gonzi is alleged to be involved in an illicit affair with popular self-proclaimed n_ude model, Whitney ‘Miss Whitney’ Masike.

The alleged affair came to light after Ti Gonzi’s wife, Esther Tendere, discovered WhatsApp messages between Ti Gonzi and Whitney, prompting her to confront Whitney.

According to the H-Metro, Ti Gonzi ‘s alleged mistress exchanged words with his wife on WhatsApp messenger and the chats have since gone viral.

In an interview with the publication, Esther confirmed the scandal and said that she was well acquainted with  Whitney and was disappointed by her conduct.

“I never exchanged words with her, but I just asked her why she would do that with my hubby since I know her.
“I’m sure she also wants fame, so game on.
“She is the one circulating the issue on social media, and it’s such an embarrassment to me that he would do such a thing with a popular p_rostitute. Why would I be the one circulating things.
“I also have the chats and audios,” she said. Added Esther:
“I was confronting her on why she would do such a thing to me. Why would I wanna embarrass my husband nemunhu anoita zvema n_udes of all the people.

In response. Whitney said Esther should respect her since she was approached by the talented rapper.

“She should respect me the way I respect her, not kutanga nekundituka. I told her kuti vapedzerane kumba kwake Esther wacho naTi Gonzi wake kumba kwavo.
“Vasandipinze munyaya dzavo. That’s why ndiri girlfriend. I am not the wife, saka ari kutondidhomokera,” she said.
Whitney said they had not been dating for six months.
“I had a thing with him but I am no longer dating him, and it has been six months,” she added.

Ti Gonz is reported to have apologised to Whitney in a leaked audio.