A Geendale woman was on Tuesday arrested after she was caught in the act with a 13-year-old boy at the latter’s parents’ home in Houghton Park. ­

The unidentified woman was quick to defend herself from arresting police officers by showing them condoms, saying they had protected s_ex.

Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest, saying investigations had since begun.

“­The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of a woman alleged to have been caught having s_ex with a minor in Houghton Park,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“Investigations with a view to getting to the bottom of the case have since begun and details will be released in due course,” he said.

In an interview, the yet-to-be-identified woman told H-Metro that the minor was the one who phoned her for s_ex at his parents’ house.


“Chandatadza chii inini ndaita zvekudaidzwa ndazoziva sei pamba pake dai asina kundifonera,” said the woman in tears.

“We had protected s_ex and I do not see any reason why I can be treated like a thief or robber,” she said while being led to a police vehicle. ­


The minor’s mother was reported to have returned home and caught the boy being s_exually abused by a woman believed to be a s_ex worker. ­

The woman was taken to Waterfalls Police Station where she was detained.-H Metro