Harare, Zimbabwe – November 4, 2023

A gang of daring armed robbers from Southerton, who were caught in the act on a dashboard camera during a motorist’s robbery, have reportedly been apprehended.

Zimbabweans were left on edge after a video circulated widely, featuring footage captured by a truck’s dashboard camera, documenting a robbery in Southerton.

In the video, a motorist driving a truck can be seen on his way to his destination. As he slowed down at an intersection, several individuals standing by the road approached his vehicle, brandishing firearms.

When the motorist attempted to flee, one of the individuals stepped in front of the car, wielding a knife and shouting, effectively blocking his escape. Meanwhile, the two other individuals with guns shattered the car’s windows and seized the motorist’s belongings.

The stolen items included a bag with gym clothes placed on the passenger seat, as well as various valuables and $250 in cash.

Following the circulation of the video and photos on social media, reports emerged that the alleged robbers had been apprehended. The individuals have been identified as Nkaniso Ndlovu, Knowledge Tsiga, Godknows Godfree Tshamala, and Dennis Gumbi. However, the police have yet to release further details regarding the case and are expected to provide more information about the arrest and the ongoing investigation.