Revered gospel musician Darlington “Mambo Dhuterere” Mutseta is determined to make a comeback despite recent personal turmoil. He opened up about facing mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges, leading to the cancellation of live shows. Encouraged by fellow musicians and fans, Mambo Dhuterere announced his unexpected return.

He denied allegations of involvement in an adulterous affair and impregnating a church member, emphasizing that these claims are baseless and the work of “jealous people.” He acknowledged that challenges are a part of life and chose to address the situation spiritually.

The gospel artist expressed faith that better times lie ahead, and he remains devoted to his wife. He is currently working on a song to respond to his alleged detractors.

Mambo Dhuterere took to social media and confessed that he was going through a rough patch, which was affecting him “mentally, emotionally and spiritually”. The depression has, according to the “Dare Guru” hitmaker, forced him to cancel live shows as he was in a state of confusion.

Fellow musicians and fans urged him to be strong and face the problems head-on.

As if buoyed by this encouragement, Mambo Dhuterere wasted no time and announced in an interview with The Sunday Mail Society that he is going to make an unexpected comeback “anytime soon”.

“I went through hell, fighting depression and anxiety. I am, however, happy to tell my fans that I am quickly coming back to my senses and already plotting a comeback,” he said.

He dismissed claims doing the rounds that he was caught in an adulterous affair. It was alleged that he had bedded and impregnated a member of his church. Mambo Dhuterere was also said to be dating several other girls. Furthermore, the social media reports suggested the gospel star had been dumped by his wife as he was now focusing on a side chick.

In an interview with this publication, the gospel singer accused unnamed “jealous people” of trying to soil his image and ruin his career.

“All these stories are fake. Some jealous people are determined to ruin my career and to tarnish my image,” he said.

Wearing a brave face, he said it is “normal” for people to encounter problems in life.

In a strong bid to exonerate himself from the allegations, the “Mweya Ndisesekedze” singer elected to go spiritual. “If people spoke ill about Jesus Christ — who was the son of God — what about me, an ordinary person? In life, it is normal for people to talk ill about you,” said Mambo Dhuterere, who is a member of the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World.

The talented musician said the trials and tribulations he is going through mark the beginning of better things for him.

“It is a known fact that men of God sometimes go through tough times as the devil will be testing their faith. What I know for sure is that God is about to uplift me,” he vowed.

The “Zvinonyadzisa” singer declared his undying love for his wife and promised fans and that he will never abandon her.

“My wife is my everything and I will never abandon her. We are one flesh and only death will separate us.” The musician is in the studio working on a song in which he will answer back his alleged detractors.