A TAUTLINER truck belonging to Bowtress Logistics dropped crates of beer when its left side tarpaulin was ripped off.

It was negotiating a roundabout at the intersection of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Road and George Road in Hatfield at midday yesterday.

An elderly cyclist, Farai Chigwida, narrowly avoided serious injury when crates of beer fell on him. Passersby and motorists took the opportunity to loot crates of beer with some choosing to drink at the scene.

It is unclear if any arrests will be made as looting at an accident scene is illegal.

“I was riding along George Road from Epworth towards Seke Road when I was suddenly hit by crates of beer at the roundabout.

“I fell from my bicycle and could not move for a while. I noticed that I was bleeding on my right hand and managed to stand up.

“No one came to my assistance as they were grabbing whatever they could from the crates that had fallen from the truck,” said Chigwida.

One of the truck’s occupants, who only identified himself as Tente, said the tarpaulin was ripped off as they were negotiating the roundabout.

“We heard noise and stopped about 30 metres away and realised that several crates of beer had fallen,” said Tente.

While the accident was a huge loss to the logistics company, it was not so for scores of people who took the opportunity to loot crates of beers.

One vendor poured beer in a five-litre container.

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