The City of Harare municipal employees have threatened an industrial action following deadlock over salary increment.

The employees are complaining over monthly net salaries of ZW$4000.

Employee Party Trade Unions in the Harare Municipal Undertaking comprising Harare Municipal Union (HMWU), Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union (ZUCWU), Water and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (WAWUZ) and Zimbabwe Allied Municipalities Workers Union (ZAMWUZ) are representing the workers in grade 5 to 16.

In a letter addressed to the acting Town Clerk, Dr Prosper Chonzi, Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume, acting Employer Party Chairman, Councillor Mutizwa and National Employment Council, Chairman, Advocate Matsikidze, the workers said:

“The City of Harare is giving a meagre salary which amounts to ZW$4000 net salary per month translating to about US$40.

“This is a slap in the face of the employees taking into account the fact the ZW$4000 is inclusive of allowances.

“At the moment transport allowance is ZW$480 and this can only allow an employee to report for duty for four days.

“This is a backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic wherein serious hardships have been induced.

“Government has been paying a US$75 allowance for Covid-19 to all civil servants.

“The City of Harare despite the fact that most employees work in critical departments and we exposed to the pandemic have since stopped paying Covid-19 allowance.”

The workers are demanding an increment:

“A minimum wage which is linked to the Poverty Datum Line amounting to ZW $18 000.

“A united States Dollar salary to cushion employees from the dual pricing system put in place by government.

“US$75 and transport allowance US$30, housing allowance US$71.50, rate and water to be paid as per council going rates in terms of CBA and review of hygienic allowances.”

However, the employees have given a fourteen day ultimatum to address the grievances.

“We therefore wish to give a fourteen days’ notice to embark on collective job action and currently your employees are financially incapacitated to report for duty.”

-H Metro