A MARRIED man from Bulawayo’s Lobengula West suburb is tired of his ex-lover who is reportedly in the habit of visiting him at his house, presumably as a way of provoking him together with his wife.

Inambawo Ndlovu said his ex-lover Thobekile Sibanda, a lab technician with Bulawayo City Council and with whom he also had a child has made his married life hell because of her constant visits to his house.

He said the calls by Sibanda who is stationed at the Criterion Waterworks in Burnside suburb had nothing to do with the welfare of their child but were meant to provoke him together with his wife Phephile Ndlovu.

A seemingly restive Inambawo who was seeking a restraining order against Sibanda at the Bulawayo Civil Court said at one time Sibanda came to his house as early as 5am. He said Sibanda was also insulting him over the phone.

“I request the court to grant me a protection order against Thobekile Sibanda.

“She comes to my place uninvited and demands that I speak to her about a case that has nothing to do with our son. I don’t want her to visit my place.

“I request that she should also stop insulting me over the phone. Sometime in 2016 she phoned my wife and told her she was my girlfriend.

“Then on 20 August this year she came to my house at 5am and demanded to speak to me in the presence of my wife.

“My fear is that if she is not restricted, she will make it a habit to come to my house and cause conflict.

“I also fear that she wants to provoke me so that I assault her as I already had a suspended sentence for assaulting her,” said Inambawo.

He said his wife was also emotionally disturbed or affected by Sibanda’s visits to their matrimonial home.

In response Sibanda didn’t refute her ex-lover’s claims leading presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu to grant an order in favour of Inambawo.

The order requires Sibanda not to verbally harass him and also not to go to his house. -B Metro