Reliable reports suggest that there is going to be a no holds barred meeting today between Harare City mayor Jacob Mafume together with his team of Councillors & local government Minister July Moyo to discuss the controversial Pomona Deal.

Sources say Mafume is sticking to his guns insisting that council has no money and not going to pay anything to the foreign firm.

Apparently, according to watchers, Moyo will try to arm twist council to pay.

Mafume has in the past few weeks been meeting residents the majority of whom have rejected the deal while Moyo insists on the deal.

He has since rubbished reports that the local authority has climbed down on the deal.

“This is false.We read the letter as we are required by law to do.We stand by our resolutions not to pay this amount.We will not be part of this contrary to public morals contract,” said Mafume responding to a story by state run daily newspaper alleging that he has climbed down on the deal.

Mafume recently instituted a committee to probe the deal whose report was tabled before him few days ago.

Meanwhile, Mafume has reportedly beefed his security since the Pomona Deal fallout with the central government.