Harare City Council Mayor Jacob Mafume has implored municipal workers to prepare for the coming rains by making sure that city infrastructure, like roads storm drains are maintained.

Mafume, bemoaned the state of the city’s roads saying there is an anomaly he has noticed of people from the roads department who only think that their job is that of cutting grass at intersections only.

Responding to the ill preparedness of council when it comes to grass cutting in the capital, the Mayor urged his team to be ready since the problem is seasonal.

“We now have a lot of mosquitos in Harare and I’m sure the problem can be attributed to grass that has gone uncut in the capital,” he said, adding that necessary action needs to be taken in time.

Over the years, Harare has had a challenge of late preparations for the rain seasons, with uncut grass, uncleared storm drains giving residents a host of security and health problems.

Robberies along grassy roads, obstructed vision for motorists, and flash floods have been some of the major resultant vices of poor preparations and poor waste management in the city.

Speaking during the 1899th Full Council Meeting held at Town House recently, Mafume also said there are now too many roads in Harare without names.

He called on the city’s communication department to put out an advert that clearly outlines how people can get their streets named so that issues around roads is dealt with once and for all.