Zimbabwean Authorities Confirm Deportation of Murder Suspect Peter Dube from Mozambique

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has officially verified the deportation of Peter Dube, a suspect in murder and attempted murder cases, from Mozambique. Dube’s expulsion from the neighboring country came after he was found in possession of forged national identity cards and a passport.

ZRP sources have stated that Dube’s deportation marks a significant milestone in an ongoing investigation into a series of serious crimes. Upon his arrival at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, a team of ZRP detectives greeted and arrested him at 2.05 pm today.

Dube’s fraudulent documents were uncovered during his detention by Mozambican authorities, prompting swift action to remove him from the country. His arrest upon return to Zimbabwe is connected to a tragic incident in 2021, where he allegedly fatally shot three individuals during a dispute, with his second wife sustaining injuries.

The pursuit of Dube, labeled a fugitive, has been ongoing since the events unfolded. Despite attempting to evade justice by falsifying identity documents in Mozambique, authorities remained vigilant, leading to his eventual apprehension at the airport.

Dube has bean living in Ireland where he was caught and deported to Mozambique 5 months ago. He was discovered after he allowed his wife and children to join him in Europe.