AS Zimbabwe’s economic woes continue to mount on the common citizenry, Gweru Commercial Se-x Workers will be running a $1 Short-time-Easter promotion to spruce up their thigh vending business, the Sun has reported.

Interviewed, most of the thigh vendors were frank about their operations, stating the reasons why they are running an Easter S-ex promotion.

We have no choice but to reduce the price from $5 to $1 to have more customers. Nowadays one may not have the money to go back home and even for one to survive. We need money to buy food and we are in desperate mode to survive. Most of the cases clients even dupe us by enjoying themselves first without giving us our money,” said Melania Zhowa.

Melania popularly known as Melly who operates along 5th avenue said that the economic challenges were forcing them to launch the Easter promotion.
She added that if they remain to the price of $5 for short time, they will fail to buy a bag of mealie meal since prices of goods are ever increasing.

“As our own unofficial union of thigh vendors, we are considering to run our own OK grand challenge promotion because things are difficult for our clients. We are going to ditch normal charges to our clients so that we improve our business,” said Zhowa.

Sekai Marandure who is one of the known thigh vendors in town told this reporter that, they were now failing to get clients as they used to do.

She said they used to get more than 15 clients per night but it was now impossible for them to reach the figure.

“Our lives are now miserable because we are getting at most 2 clients per night and others will be offering even as little as a $1. Some are so heartless that they will sleep with you but they won’t pay,” said Marandure.

However, some of the sex workers who refused to be named said that they have now started working on projects such as poultry so that life becomes easy for them.

They said that even though they are doing such projects the profit is not enough as the sales are low…Source the Sun