Dembare supporters left for dead after barring a Zanu PF flag at a funeral

At least two Dynamos Football Club supporters are battling for life after being given a thorough beating by Zanu PF youths in Gweru whom they had barred to use a party flag at a funeral of Chipo Nyikayaramba, a well known football supporter.

The supporters nursing wounds were assaulted after insisting that Zanu PF should not stole the limelight at a funeral which they had not contributed anything for the late unlike them who bought groceries.

The bereaved family members left shell shocked and had to intervene to stop both Zanu PF and Dynamos supporters from using their flags.

Zanu PF youths were also infuriated after their leader was addressing people saying the late, “Aifarira musangano with Dynamos supportes having quickly responded saying “We MDC.”

Chipo who died was also a former Chapungu FC chairperson for supporters and also a member of Dembare.

She was reported to have been involved in an accident on Saturday on her way to watch a match between Dynamos in Bulawayo.

Chipo Nyikayaramba left