AN ex-convict, who was out on bail pending appeal, allegedly robbed some shops in Harare and opened a shop in Gweru to sell the stolen merchandise.

He was arrested after being shot by police, during a shoot-out, as he tried to evade arrest.

Yesterday, Trustme Kauzani limped into court for his latest date with the justice machinery.

The court heard that on December 17 last year, Morelife Maworera, a sales representative at Classic Pose Boutique, knocked off and locked all doors and went home.

Two days later, Kauzani and his accomplice, only identified as Alvin, went to the shop and allegedly attacked a security guard, who was manning the next shop, with a blank rifle and a catapult.

They broke into the shop and stole clothes worth US$23 000.

The two allegedly loaded the stolen property into their getaway vehicle and drove off.

Kauzani is believed to have broken into another shop, owned by Fungayi Muganhiri, at Galaxy Mall in Harare’s CBD.

He was in the company of his accomplice, Gainmore Gamunorwa, and they stole clothes worth US$11 317.

Kauzani was arrested in Gweru, after a shoot-out with police, and he confessed to breaking into two shops in Harare and opening his own shop in the Midlands capital.

He led police to the shop where some of the stolen clothes were recovered.

Kauzani, a convicted robber, was out on bail pending appeal in another robbery case.