A 44-year-old man from Gweru who acted upon the instructions of a traditional healer that he selects a grave of his choice at Mtapa Cemetry and retrieve an iron bar to be used for ritual purposes is now in hot soup after being caught in the act, digging up a grave.

Despite being caught red-handed while digging up a grave by an on-duty Gweru city council undertaker, Samson Mudzingwa of Mutapa suburb contends that he did not want to harm the sacred place of rest or tamper with the remains of the late James Ncube interred in the grave, saying he only wanted to retrieve an iron bar, as advised by his sangoma.

Appearing before Gweru magistrate Thomas Gurajena facing one count of violating a grave yesterday, Mudzingwa who pleaded not guilty to the charge, was remanded in custody to August 7.

The court heard that Mudzingwa had been instructed by a traditional healer to select a grave of his choice at Mtapa Cemetry and retrieve an iron bar which was to be used in the performance of rituals.

However, he ran out of luck after he was caught in the act by a municipal graver digger, Elliott Mapfumbate, deployed at the same cemetery.

According to court papers, the incident occured on Thursday 23 July 2020, at around 12 in the afternoon.

The court heard that Mapfumbate observed Mudzingwa allegedly digging and breaking concrete blocks of a grave where the remains of the late Ncube are buried.

He was subsequently arrested after a police report had been made.

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