Blessings Chidakwa

A couple from Gweru in Mkoba 17 connived with their church pastor and did the unthinkable as they are reported to have demanded an amount of $1 500 for damages from a man who allegedly raped their daughter.

Allegations are that on January 9 last year an ex-neighbour (name withheld to protect the identity of the minor) convinced Nyasha  (13)(not her real name) that he had received money from her aunt through Ecocash which he wanted to handover.

Upon hearing this Nyasha rushed to the neighbour’s house intending to collect the money but surprisingly she was dragged on the bed and raped once.

Having been tormented Nyasha narrated the ordeal to her parents who later connived with their church pastor that the rapist should pay them $ 1 500 for the damages she endured.

They later approached the neighbour who agreed the deal. However, all hell broke loose when the rapist failed to honour his pledge prompting the greedy parents to report the matter at Nehanda Police Station, Gweru, leading to the accused’s arrest.

The neighbour has since appeared before Gweru Magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing rape charges.

He pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody pending trial for a later date.